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OUR Rescue Dogs

These animals have been rescued from the Euthanasia list of extremely overburdened Animal Control Services. Every dog and cat will reside at California Paws Rescue until adopted into a loving, permanent home. Vital socialization opportunities will be provided to all these animals, to get them ready for their new home.

California Paws Rescue will ensure that every dog and cat rescued will receive immediate, quality medical care. The moment they reach our door, each animal will be given a complete physical examination in our clinic. Each dog and cat will be spayed / neutered, given all necessary vaccinations and will receive any additional care needed to place them on their road to health and happiness

Ray Ray is blind...he was found on the streets of Moreno Valley bumping into objects, so they pulled him into the shelter. This is a very happy and special little dog. We brought him to California Paws Rescue to help find him a new home, but after a very short time, he became part of our group and is just so happy here are Barkingham Pet Hotel California (where we shelter all our rescues) that we decided to let this be his final home! He is loved and adored by everyone and is sure loving all the attention! So come on by and visit Ray Ray and also spend some love with the other rescues...

Dog behind a Fence - Pet Care and Rescue in Palm Springs, CA
Dog behind a Fence - Pet Care and Rescue in Palm Springs, CA

California Paws Rescue will give attention to the rescue of a dog with Special Needs

i.e. dogs that are blind, have an amputated limb, diabetic, etc. Those of us who live with a special needs' dog know what a wonderful companion they can be. Unfortunately, these special dogs are often euthanized because of the shortage of space and/or budgets.

Donations to the Guardian Angel Program will enable California Paws Rescue to rescue a special needs dog, provide proper medical care and house them until a special home is found. If a qualified home is not found, we will give them a place to live out their lives with dignity and love.
Available Rescues
Little Zoro is a 6 year old male terrier mix who was rescued from the Indio Shelter. Don't let his calm demeanor fool you - he loves to play hard and cuddle long. Zoro is good with other dogs and children (not sure about cats). He craves attention and should be placed with a family that will spend lots of time with him. Without this, he is a very active "escape artist" and will go looking tor fun and games. So, an adopting family should have a secure, enclosed yard for Zoro to play in.

Zoro would love to meet you and show off his "cuteness".

My Name is Tonto and I Am a 3 year old Chihuahua Mix. There is another foster dog that looks like and we are best friends and play all day long!
I love playing with all the foster's in our shelter. I am a bundle of love and can't wait to find my permanent home!
Come see me soon!
This is PETEY - a 2 year old Labrador / Dalmation Nix. He is sweet, has a good temperament and loves to be hugged and play with his friends. This little boy will make a great addition to any home! He is FULL of energy!
Hello, My name is Bob. I am a senior citizen and am blind (I had some cataract issues). I am a sweet, lovable companion and promise to make you love me! Please adopt me and let me live the remainder of my life in a home filled with love and fun! I love being around other dogs.
Hi, My name is Nikki. I am about 1 year old terrier mix. I may be tine, but the LOVE I have is LARGE! I love playing with toys & I absolutely LOVE playing with other dogs.... come by and rescue me, please!
My name is Merlyn. I am a Dach/Chih Mix and I am about 14 years old, but trust me I do not act my age!. I am full of energy, love attention and I show my appreciation with showers of Kisses! I am very smart and Loyal. I can't wait for someone to adopt me and give me the home I deserve!
My name is Dylan, I am about 2 years old. I am a friendly loving dog that would be a great addition to any family. Please adopt me!
Hi, My name is Freddie and I am about 2 years old! I am a Terrier Mix. I love to play ruff with big dogs but mostly love to be held and cuddled with...Please adopt me!
Our Success in Finding New Loving Homes for Our Little Angels Totally Depends on YOU....
Please Help, Donate Today!
Our Success in Finding New Loving Homes for Our Little Angels Totally Depends on YOU....
Please Help, Donate Today!
Our Successful Adoptions

Let California Paws Rescue be the place where you find your next dog....there is enough love for everyone!

Not sure what type of dog or cat you want? Don't see the pet of your dreams? Contact us and tell us what type of dog or cat you are looking for. We will make every effort to find a match with the many rescue's throughout Southern California. Don't buy a dog or cat, Save one instead! Click here